Our Adaptive AT curriculum provides methods and strategies that use attention to increase body awareness, anatomically inform proprioception that has previously been influenced by chronic pain and joint instability, and repatterns the way our nervous system organizes our structure in stillness and during motion. Feedback about your experience is immediately incorporated into lessons and classes though constant communication between practitioner and student.

Integrating Instability offers private lessons and classes at a range of prices, and depending on your location, can connect you with a teacher who is prepared to work safely with hypermobility. All lessons and classes include anatomy, movement exercises, and discussions related to the hypermobile person and their experience. We actively develop curriculum under the social model of disability (

We encourage students to bring in mobility aids to include during classes and lessons, and to communicate with teachers what types of actions they would like to try based on their daily needs. 


It is important to note that not all AT teachers work with the sensitivity necessary to direct hypermobile bodies safely.  As people with EDS/HSD ourselves, we have experienced first hand the dangers of assuming that hypermobility just means a greater range of motion. To make sure that the Alexander Technique community is prepared, we provide training opportunities for teachers to learn the Adaptive methods and pedagogy that best suit hypermobility, and actively recommend teachers who have gone through our programs.

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